Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Info About This Season's Color

Like I said earlier, an upcoming band called This Season's Color is going to release a new cd this summer.

Here is a quick update about them- they are recording in North Carolina, they will be recording from June 10th to July 1st, and it will be a full length album.

They have not yet be signed but have a lot of talent and I'm stoked about their new album.

I'll keep you posted on more information from them.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Songs To Wake Up To

When I wake up I love to listen to a happy song to get me moving in the right direction each day. My favorite song to wake up to is Million Dollar Houses (The Painter) by Pierce The Veil. It has a good tone and just makes me smile. I have fun singing along with it and know every word to it.
So now lets hear what your favorite song or songs are to wake up to or listen to when getting ready in the mornings. :D

Friday, May 20, 2011

Favorite Artist or Band

Hey this is a basic post. I just want to get to know some new bands so let's just hear what your favorite bands are. Any genre as always is accepted. So I will start with my favorite bands.
For Indie Pop- Nickasaur!, and The Title
For Punk Rock- (old) Fall Out Boy, Skillet, and In Flames
For Techno- Dubba Jonny, and anything else Dubstep (I like other techno also)
For Rap- Wiz Khalifa
For Screamo- WCAR, TDWP, Texas In July, and Pierce The Veil

also a new favorite band that I like is This Season's Color and they have a new EP that they are coming out with during the summer. :D I'll try to keep you posted on them.

P.S. just messing with colors sorry :D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Song Out From ABR

August Burns Red had put out one song called Empire, which will be on their new album leveler! I would suggest that you all go check it out. It is epic. Filled with great lyrics and guitar. And we can't forget about the amazing drums that ABR always manages to put into each and every one of their songs.

Let's hear what you guys think of it. :D and if there are any new songs that you have heard recently then post a link or just put the name of the song and band.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Songs For Driving

I would like to talk about good driving music, this could be any genre as long as it's catchy and fun to sing along to. Some of my favorites are Hands Open by Snow Patrol, NJ Legion Iced Tea by A Day To Remember, and A Toast to the Future Kids! by Emarosa.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Music for Getting Pumped

I want to know some good songs for working out or just getting your heart pumping. I want to get a good playlist going on my ipod for listening to when I work out or go on a run, and I have a basic one but nothing new. So it gets really boring sometimes when I'm listening to it.

Some of the songs I like to listen to to gets pumped up are Devastator by For Today, Alligator Blood by Bring Me The Horizon, and Gone Fishing. See You In a Year by Gwen Stacy.

So lets hear some music that would be good to work out to.


So when I was driving my dad's car the other day, I put one of his mixed cds in. It was a bunch of classics. so I'm  thinking lets have a oldies or classics post where you put your favorite classics on. I'll start with Brandy you're a fine girl by Looking Glass

Keep it original  so not a ton of Journeys are on here

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Music In The Summer

Hey guys so for my first post I would like to see if there are any of your favorite bands that are bring new albums out during the summer.

Some of my own are August Burns Red and I Set My Friends On Fire.

(Any and all genres are good.)