Friday, May 20, 2011

Favorite Artist or Band

Hey this is a basic post. I just want to get to know some new bands so let's just hear what your favorite bands are. Any genre as always is accepted. So I will start with my favorite bands.
For Indie Pop- Nickasaur!, and The Title
For Punk Rock- (old) Fall Out Boy, Skillet, and In Flames
For Techno- Dubba Jonny, and anything else Dubstep (I like other techno also)
For Rap- Wiz Khalifa
For Screamo- WCAR, TDWP, Texas In July, and Pierce The Veil

also a new favorite band that I like is This Season's Color and they have a new EP that they are coming out with during the summer. :D I'll try to keep you posted on them.

P.S. just messing with colors sorry :D

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