Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You're Not Kablamo

Hey everyone! So last night I went to a local show headlining a band called You're Not Kablamo. This band is unsigned and local from the O'Fallon/Belleville Illinois area. The members in it are very selfless and play for many free shows and many benefit/charity shows. There is nothing to say but good things about all of them.

Their music is a type of party punk that everyone gets into. Everyone at their shows jumps up and down and sings along with their vocalist Patrick. The whole band is up close to the audience and lets anyone get into the action during the choruses.

They have two albums out on iTunes including their new Kid Shoulders. You should check them out on their Facebook 
or MySpace  . 

If you like them follow them to show support and buy their music on iTunes.  They love support so show it! :D

I'll keep you guys updated on more music as it comes my way.


  1. Wow, a thats a cool band, giving back to the people!

  2. Band name is reference to a skit/song that The Lonely Island did, awsome band!

  3. Local bands FTW. Just found your blog and followed! Looking forward to future updates :)

  4. Local bands rule, +1 for the nice music.
    and following!

  5. Listened, and indeed a great band, will consider buying an album of theirs.

  6. Local bands rule! check out for some underground Boston magic! +follower