Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breathe Carolina -- Hell Is What You Make It

Hey everyone,
First off I'm sorry that I have not been able to post a blog in what seems like forever.
The reason is that I've been out of town and am now taking care of two kittens, so I haven't had much time.

To make up for it tho, I am going to review the new Breathe Carolina album Hell Is What You Make It. To do so I will review each song then tell you what I feel about the album in total.

1. Rebirth: An Introduction -- Good into nothing much to say but it does contain the chorus from Lauren's Song and the beat of Wooly.

2. Wooly -- This is the song that they used to announce the album before they released it. It is filled with great singing and a catchy chorus. Also if you are a fan of the screamo side of Breathe Carolina then you will see in this song that their screams have improved a ton.

3. Blackout -- This song was the single that they released before the entire album. It is only pop and can be liked by anyone who is a fan of techno pop music. Altho this song is not my favorite from them, I can't help but sing and tap my feet.

4. Edge Of Heaven -- By far the most chill song on this album, Edge Of Heaven is a good song to just sit back and drive to. It has a good bass line and has short bust of screams.  If you like techno music more than pop you would like this song along with more of the later songs.

5. Last Night (Vegas) -- This is my second favorite song on this album. It feels like it is based off of the movie The Hangover, and feels like a great party song. This song makes me want to just go and hang out with all my friends. It starts a little slow but picks up with its good beats and amazing synth.

6. Sweat It Out -- Might be a perfect blend of work out music, slight techno, party pop, and screamo. I like it, and if you don't then I don't want to hear about it.

7. Gone So Long -- This is another really chill song that, if you listen to the lyrics, makes you feel like your in a dream. I think of it like it is Inception (not the lyrics but the way it makes me feel and the way I picture things happening).

8. They Say You Won't Come Back -- The most I can get out of this is that it is a shady song that makes me feel like he is going to kill someone. Apart from that, it has good verses and a fun sounding auto tune moments.

9. Get Off Easy -- So with no doubt in anyones mind, he is talking about killing someone in this one. But I do love the small bass drops and kind of dubstep pop they have come up with. (There is more of it in the song Chemicals.)

10. Waiting -- Nothing in this song makes me remember how it goes. But while listening to it I have come up with this: 1. good lyrics (not memorable tho) 2. Chorus is one of the best in the album (still I have no clue why I didn't remember it) 3. some of the beats remind me of Michael Jackson.

11. Take It Back -- Very pop and it has a chorus that keeps popping up and makes you want to sing along with it.

12. Chemicals -- Like I said, this song has the same popish dubstep as Get Off Easy. This is another good song and I sound like a broken record but it makes me want to tap my feet and sing along. I do think that a lot of people will end up liking this song.

13. Lauren's Song -- My favorite song on this album. It starts out soft and acoustic with the same chorus as the  intro. But picks up some and makes me feel like it could be the soundtrack to anyones life. This is my new favorite song to drive to and my favorite song on this album. (Warning: If you just listen to the chorus and the tune and think it would be a good song to play for your girlfriend or boyfriend, it is about a break up and having to say goodbye to the girl. Just a warning)

Hell Is What You Make It -- I have no doubt that Breathe Carolina are becoming better artist and this album should prove that. Since it came out just half a week or so ago, I've listened to all the songs at least 6 times over and more on all of my favorites. This album should prove to any haters out there that popcore and nintindocore can be made to be great music.

Leave comments and suggestions for music that I should check out below and I will try to get to looking into the new music and maybe review it. :D


  1. Breathe Carolina isn't really my cup of tea, but I'm hoping to broaden my horizons musically so I may have to try and get into this. Nice blog, followed.

  2. Thanks Slaughter077! This is an amazing album, and I suggest it to anyone who likes a technoey, screamo :).